Monday, May 24, 2010

Tj is my hard working husband. He graduated from Weber State in Technical Sales and he now works for Blackberry as a Brand Advocate Trainer. He really enjoys his job and is great at it. He is also my handyman, He does all our projects around the house whether it be painting, plumbing, tiling, and pretty much anything that needs to be remodeled. Tj loves to garden and is fantastic at making homemade jelly and homemade cherry pies. So basically, if you need help with anything like that he is the man to call. He is such a great support and I love him very much. As for myself I am just a busy mom and wife. I am the 1st counslor in the Young Womens Presidency in my ward and I am enjoying that, and that does take up alot of my time. All in all I am just trying to be the best wife and mom that I can be. I am looking forward to the summer so I can go boating, which is my favorite summer activity. I can't wait for the weather to get HOT and nice so my family and I can enjoy the summer. This cold weather just does not work for me!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our sweet little 2 year old is Andie Fae, she brings so much laughter and joy to our family. It has been so fun to watch her grow and develop. She has such a funny personality, her newest comment that she likes to use is "I'm fine mom", it makes me laugh everytime she says it because is so serious. Andie loves dogs, puzzles and coloring. She also loves to be made into a beautiful princess.

Ashton is our 6 year old "big" boy. Ashton is my best helper, he is so smart and is always wanting to learn new things. He loves to play soccer, wrestle and he wants to start playing T-ball next year. He is our little comedian and loves to make everyone laugh. He is all boy, which means he loves to play outside.He is just finishing up Kindergarten and he absolutly loved it. He is reading very well( like I said he is very smart!), he will be going into 1st grade next year. He is excited about eating school lunch. We love him very much!