Friday, January 28, 2011

Christmas Time!

Well, I have really struggled keeping up with the Polster Family Mayhem. Christmas like always was memorable! I love this time of year, it is so exciting because of all the family traditions that we have. Having kids in our lives brings the Christmas magic into our home. Watching Ashton and Andie's excitement just made Tj and I feel like kids! During the Holidays was a great time to be with both Tjs and my family.We love our families more than anything and are so glad that we have there love!

Our little Andie was so fun to watch this year because she really grasped what Christmas was about. Not only did she understand that that we celebrated the birth of our Savior, but she was very excited that Santa was coming to our house. The whole month of December she would say, "I want lots and lots of lipstick, lots and lots of nail polish, and a bag to put it in." It was the cutest thing ever! Oh yeah, and she had to have a pink zhu zhu pet. Ashton was awesome this Holiday to,he really is at the age that he is understanding to be grateful for everything he gets. Of course, he had a list like any other kid! His top things he wanted was a Paper Jamz guitar, a night furry and a green ninja zhu zhu pet. Watching our kids faces Christmas morning was priceless, they were so excited and couldn't wait to open presents. One of my favorite parts of Christmas will always   be the
matching pajamas that my mom gets us. This year it was Utah Ute pajamas! Yeah, my whole family was supporting the Utes Christmas morning! All the grand kids at some point ended up with their Ute jammy's on. All in all, we are so blessed with such wonderful families that made this Christmas awesome, with a special thanks to my amazing husband who works so hard to make everyday special in our home!