Monday, February 28, 2011

I love Holidays and I always try to make them a big deal, My kids love it because they always have something to look forward to. Surprises are my favorite so, I try to do something fun and different. For breakfast I made them a valentine breakfast. The kids also had heart shaped Pop tarts, they were so excited about it. I think Tj even enjoyed his special breakfast (?).

Andie is such girl and loves to have her hair done and I'm not gonna lie I really enjoy doing her hair in lots of differnet ways. Since it was Valentines I decided it needed to be a valentine hairdo. I found this cute hairstyle from A princess and her hair blog. Such cute Ideas on that blog. Anyways I thought the heart hairstyle was perfect for the occasion. She was pretty proud that she had a heart in her hair.

Valentines evening is by far the best because I really try to go all out and make our dinner an extra special one. I put out candles and decorate the table with rose petals and valentine plates and napkins. I made an Italian pasta dinner, aka Homemade Mac and Cheese, haha. I had to make something the kids would eat and something that tastes good. You have to have a yummy drink, so I made a strawberry icecream drink. The kids loved the fact that the foam was going over the sides of their cups. Last but not least, I always add a valentines gift for the kids. It  looks like I went alittle over board with the kids gifts but, when all of Tjmaxx's toys were on sale for 1 and 2 dollars I had to get a few extra things, Haha to good of a deal not to! 

The dessert was so easy and the amount of time I spent on everything else I had to do something easy and quick so, a twinkie and strawberry syrup did the trick. I just cut them to look like hearts, drizzled some syrup on them and topped it off with whip cream and they looked delicious! Putting smiles on my kids and husbands faces is awesome, I love coming up with ideas that make them feel special and loved!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I can't believe it my little boy turned 7! Okay, so he is not little anymore, but I sure like to think that he is my baby still. This year Ashton had a How To Train Your Dragon birthday party it was a total blast. He had to have a dragon cake so here it is, it took me a long time to make, but it was worth seeing Ashton's face when it was finished. Ashton's friend party was a blast the kids had a fun time making viking helmets and shields, they turned out so cute! Tj drew an Awesome picture of Toothless! The kids played pin the fireball on toothless, they had a good time!  It was a crazy mad house but, Ashton had a great brithday. It got a little to crazy at the end so I put on How to Train Your Dragon the movie and that ended the sword fight. Thank goodnes I had help from TJ and my mom.                                                              

Ashton Opeing up his presents!
For Ashton's family party he wanted his favorite food for dinner which is pizza. I was okay with that because there is not much preperation for pizza! Which is why I spent so much time on his Birthday cake.

My favorite thing about throwing parties is the decorations!

Ashton loves his family and was so happy to have everyone to his party. He loves his cousins, even if he is taller than all of them. Ashton is the oldest and he takes such good care of everyone and he is such a good example.
We love Ashton and we love that he is in our Family, he is such a good boy, and would do anything to help anyone. We couldn't ask for a sweeter boy!
Aston's favorite present was Pacman Party!