Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jake and the Neverland Pirate Party!

Okay, like I said before Andie loves Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates! So, she had to have a pirate party and it really turned out so cute. The kids had a total blast dressing up like pirates. If you have seen Jake and the Neverland Pirates you would know that the Character "Izzy" wheres a necklace full of pixie dust. Since Andie pretends to be "Izzy" I thought that she needed to have that neckalce. My mom being the awesome person that she is made all the kids a pixie dust necklace. I just added alittle glitter inside the bags and there you have it an instant magic maker!  
 As, for the decorations I had a total blast putting this party together, all I needed was lots of treasure! All a dollar was the palce for that, I got tons of beaded necklaces, ring pops, pixy stixs, and thank goodness they had pirate party accesories. If your having a proper pirate party you definatly need Gold Dabloons and I had plenty of the chocolate ones, along with some gold chocolate nuggets.

For the food and drinks I am so sad that I forgot to take pictures, but one of Andies favorite dinners is fish and chips. We had Tilipia fish and a variety of fries, sweet potate, crinkle, and olive oil fries. Pirates also drink alot of Beer so I made some yummy Apple Beer, (of course it wasn't real beer, haha!) There was also an awesome Fruit Boat, yes this idea came from my awesome friend Haley Gunnerson (Thanks Haley!) Once again I'm so sad I didnt take a picture because it turned out awesome.
Here is alittle banner I made with Jake on it, the disney show is so new that there is no merchandise to buy so I had to come up with something.
 To keep the kids busy I set up a Teasure Hunt for them. I placed a bunch of riddles around the house and they had to solve them to find the next one. The final riddle sent them to the Pirate Treasure. The kids had a total blast and was so excited to find the Treasure!
The cake was a blast to make it came from the Family Fun magazine. In the magazine the pirate hat was brown, but my little pirate princess wanted a pink hat.
Next came the presents and once again my Andie was spoiled, Thanks everyone that made Andie's Birthday so special! Andie got some awesome gifts one of her favorites was a homemade coloring book of Jake and the Neverland pirates that my amazing sister made. Andie also got alittle four-wheeler which she has already driven around our block several times, so watch out for her she is alittle crazy! Once again thanks for everone that helped me make Andie's bithday Awesome (Specifically, you mom)!