Monday, November 7, 2011

 Can I just say running is so addictive! Not sure I why I enjoy it, but I love it! I'm glad my family has finally decided to jump on the band wagon. This past weekend we all ran the Snow Canyon Half Marathon. Wow, it was a beautiful run the view was amazing. I will for sure be doing this race again next year.

I have by far the coolest mom ever! She ran the 13.1 miles with us, I was so proud of her she amazes me everyday! She is such an awesome example of what hard work and determination can do. I love you mom! Way to go you really are spectacular! 

 I will say this though, you should have seen how we were walking later that day and the next! Haha, the funniest thing ever! We were all so sore we looked like we were 90 years old. Especially, Luke he couldn't even move. I will say this for him though, he did an awesome job for just getting home from his mission. Way to go Luke!

I am now getting caught up again! Happy Late Halloween! Halloween was fabulous this year, we had Waldo and Wendy running around, a few ninjas,  a cat and a couple dogs, crazy party rockin dancers and the typical nerds at our house! Of course I always need to start the day off with a delicious halloween breakfast. The kids were actually really scared of my Vampire bloody smoothie, it took them a few minutes to believe me that it wasn't real.

 This Halloween season was so busy we didn't carve our pumpkins until Halloween day, that is unheard of in our house, but we got them done just in time to light them up.

Every year the fambam comes over before trick-or-treating and has dinner with us. This year TJ made his awesome homemade chicken pot pie. I was so grateful for him that day because I worked the night shift the night before and I was completely exhausted.  The kids had a great time running around the neighborhood loading their bags with candy. I'm just so glad that the weather was so nice. Last year was awful and rainy so it was nice to have a good year.

 Yeah so here we are trying to do toe touches! Haha, I hadn't done that in a couple years, I think I pulled something! It was a great night and we had alot of fun like we ALWAYS do. What can I say, I just have an awesome family!