Monday, September 24, 2012

Sue's 60th Birthday Party

We threw a Surprise Party for Sue, Tj's mom, I have never been able to throw a surprise party that actually stayed a surprise! This was the first time that it was a success. Sue had no idea what was going on, I for sure thought she would be mad at me, but everything turned out great. 
The picture above were words that my kids came up with that reminded them of their nana. The rocks below were for all the guests to write a note or a memory for Sue. 

 One of the fun ideas I came up with was to have everyone bring an item that reminded them of Sue. Everyone took a turn and stood up and shared their memory and item with everyone. It worked great and was more interactive and funny than just a video clip of pictures.

 All in all I'm happy to say that Sue's 29th (60th) Birthday was a total success! We love you Sue!

The Color Run

We did the Color Run with Jena and Rudy Larsen, it was such blast. It was a 5k full of color......this is a couple of pictures of us before the race.

 Here are the after pictures..........

Red Rock Relay

The Red Rock Relay! WOOT WOOT! The Road Runners are back, we destroyed the course this year. Our team was awesome, and such a blast. We only had 10 people this  year so we had to share the legs which increased our miles. We  finished the 188 miles in 29:35:59, started Friday morning at 7:40 am in Brian Head and finished at 1:16 in Zion National Park. 
 For each leg that you finish you get to put a strip on your leg.
 Tj just being himself!
 Micheal enjoying his peanut butter, trying to get alittle protein.
 My first let was called the Navajo Ninja, it was 5.8 miles up hill, it was a killer but I ran it in 49:55.
 Tj following the rules, you have to have a flag to cross the street.
 Tj heading out on his first leg, I believe it was a 7 mile run......
 Here is Micheal on his way
 Micheal's sister Maria joined us again this year! We love her!
 Brooke and I just making taking more pictures!
 A fun part about the RRR is that we decorate our car, we also keep tabs on our kills (which is the number of people you pass while running) I wish I had a picture of it, but the back window was covered with kills.
 Here are all the girls on our team, Emma, Brooke, Kel, Me, my momma (the camera women) and Maria!
 The guys, Tj, Mike, Kyle, Luke and my dad, he had just started his 2nd leg.
 This was Tj's last leg, we had just woken up from and hour sleep, that was all the sleep we got.
 Brooke is such the energizer bunny, she just keeps going and going.....she ran 23 miles!.
 Here is my last leg it was in the dead 99 degree weather, I was so hot! My ending total was a little over 24 miles!
 Here is Tj he was so awesome, he ran the last little bit with me.

 What a fun time, people ask why we pay to kill ourselves.....I always say because we love it, well at least I do!!!

Dino Museum

 Another awesome activity that we did was go to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Pointe. In  the month of August they do 2 dollar Tuesdays where all the venues are 2 dollars. It is such a great deal when you have kids. It is a fun activity and you don't have to break the bank to do it.

Davis County Fair

 The kids love the Davis County Fair, the petting zoo is a blast since they can actually feed the animals. We went with my sister Brooke and her little boy Toland, and also with Jess my sister-in-law (well my sister too) with her three boys Maeser, Taft and Lake.

 I love this picture of Andie the animals kept attacking her, because she had the cup of food. Haha, her face is so stinking cute!

 Ashton doesn't like taking his picture with me very much.....