Monday, February 6, 2012

Christmas with the Polsters

I am so very behind with my blog posts, lets just say it has been a very busy couple months in the Polster home.  Christmas this year was memorable like always and our kids were spoiled like always. Something new that happened in our home this Christmas was that we had a little visitor.......It was an Elf named Leo (thats what the kids named him) he was a bit of a trickster. He played tricks on us everyday, every morning the kids would wake up and run to look for Leo to see what he had done!

We spent Christmas week in Price with Tjs Family! We had a wonderful time at Richards house opening presents and watching the Grinch. Andie was so excited she got a beautiful Princess dress up outfit and a Cinderella doll. Ashton definitely got spoiled when he opened a set of golf clubs. He is excited to take lessons this summer. =

Christmas Eve day we opened presents with Bob and Nana. Grandma Gayle, Jill, Dirt and Shanielle came and watched us opened gifts and had breakfast with us. Once again the kids were spoiled and I have to admit, Tj and I got pretty spoiled too!

Christmas Eve night we went home to my be with my family. My family party was at Walt and Debbie's this year. Of course, the food was amazing the traditional German bratwurst, cabbage and sauerkraut. Seriously, this is by far my favorite meal of the year. Our family is growing so there were kids running around everywhere! 

 I just love this picture of my grandma, it just goes to show you can never be to old to have fun and joke! She loved getting her fingers painted!
Back at home we got ready for SANTA to come to our house!! The kids were so excited we got the milk, cookies and carrots out and hurried to bed! Well, before we went to bed we had to track Santa on the Official Norad Santa Tracker! 

 Christmas morning was awesome I was the first one up! I kept asking Tj if I could go wake the kids up, I think I was just as excited as the kids were. Well the kids finally woke up and we had a wonderful time opening the presents.
 Ashton was totally excited that he got Skylanders, that was all he wanted from Santa! That's all he talked about for a couple months. So, when he saw it he went crazy!!
 Andie had been asking for a Poop Baby from santa, she also had been talking about this POOP baby for a couple months! It was truly fun to watch their faces when they got what they wanted. My sweet family is so blessed, I am so grateful to be able to provide their wishes. When we were done opening presents we went to Church for a spiritual Christmas meeting, remembering the birth of our Savior was a great end to our Christmas morning.
 After church we moved on to my parents house for a awesome brunch and more fun! These guys are such dorks all they wanted for Christmas were footie jammies! Hahahaha! Oh my I think this picture is a black  mailer!!!
 I love my parents they are so dang cute, aren't they? My dad did a great job this year with my moms stocking, she was very impressed. She kept asking him did you really do this? Did you really go shopping? It was hilarious!!!! wink*wink*
 What a great Christmas, once again so many memories and fun times! Oh yeah, we played the funnest game it was called "Spot It", I had not laughed that hard for the longest time! Classic game.......haha!

Love, Love Love my family!!!
On a last note and for memory purposes Tj got me this beautiful ring for Christmas!