Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Expressions Dance

 Ashton and Andie are both involved with Expressions Dance, it is an awesome place to learn dance and tumbling. Ashton just became a part of the Hip Hop competition team. Before the end of year
concert they performed in Bountiful Park as a good practice for the upcoming performance. They had a good time and both did such great job with their dances.

 This is Andie and her best friend Mia, they looked so cute in their costumes for their "Splish Splash" dance.

 It was such a blast to watch both of my kids in the performance, I think they both conquered their fears by performing in front of alot of people. Although, I think I was more nervous than they were.

Grandma Gayle's 80th Birthday

 Grandma Gayles 80th Birthday Party!

 Sue and Shanielle
 The girls loved taking pictures of Ashton and I'm sure Ashton enjoyed it as well....wink wink;)
 Tj and jis Aunt Karen
 Tj and Daylan
 Bob and the kids

 Beautiful Grandma Gayle

Color Me Rad 5k

 Color Me Rad 5k, woot woot! I was so excited because I talked Ashton into doing it with me. He was such a trooper, he ran the whole thing and only stopped twice. He really is awesome!!!! I really enjoyed this 5k, it was very kid friendly and just a good time. Hopefully next year I can talk Andie into doing it with us. The only thing I would change would be that the blue would actually wash out of my hair! HAHA!

For those boring days

Sometimes I just need a few minutes to myself or I need time to clean, marshmallows and toothpicks will do the trick! Ash and Andie built stuff out of them for at least an hour and a half. Plus, it pulls out their creative juices that somehow go missing during the summer.

Last Day of School

Hooray, the last day of school!!!! We love this day in our house! It's time to pull out the summer toys and get ready for some fun. The last day of school means treats, late night, night games, camp fire, smores and roasted starbursts! Not a bad way to start the fun:)

Smurf Birthday

 First off I can't believe Andie is 4 years old, that just means I am getting older! Andie wanted a Smurf birthday party this year, it was such a fun party to plan there were so many things that I could do with this theme. Here are a few of the ideas I came up with. Andie loves Smurfette, so I came up with Smurfettes sweet shop.

 Barbie Landsaw my amazing neighbor drew and painted these especially for Andie......I know awesome...right?

Baker Smurfs Menu was tomatoe soup....Andies favorite meal of all time. 
 Games at a party are a  must so I came up with Gutsy's Games. I went to Dollar Tree got pool noodles for the kids, a few balls, 2 boxes from Costco, balloons and with all this you have a game.  I drew scary faces on the balloons and stuck them in the ground (the balloons were the bad guys), the kids then had to get the balls in the boxes and not get touched by the bad guys! Simple, but they loved it!

 We also played Smurf Bingo

 Andies favorite part was the presents! She is so spoiled and loved every minute of it!

 I'm not gonna lie, I really have enjoyed making my kids their birthday cakes, it takes along time, but so fulfilling when you see the looks on their faces. By the way this is only my 2nd time using fondant, I have to say it's not to bad.

 Andie's big gift from mommy and daddy was a Doll house......she was so excited!

We love you Peanut Princess!