Monday, September 24, 2012

Sue's 60th Birthday Party

We threw a Surprise Party for Sue, Tj's mom, I have never been able to throw a surprise party that actually stayed a surprise! This was the first time that it was a success. Sue had no idea what was going on, I for sure thought she would be mad at me, but everything turned out great. 
The picture above were words that my kids came up with that reminded them of their nana. The rocks below were for all the guests to write a note or a memory for Sue. 

 One of the fun ideas I came up with was to have everyone bring an item that reminded them of Sue. Everyone took a turn and stood up and shared their memory and item with everyone. It worked great and was more interactive and funny than just a video clip of pictures.

 All in all I'm happy to say that Sue's 29th (60th) Birthday was a total success! We love you Sue!

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