Friday, June 21, 2013

Halloween Preschool Program

Preschool Halloween Program
 Andie is such a beautiful Pirate
 Andie and Tess
 Andie and her Best friend Mia
Andie and her teacher Miss Mindy

Undead 5K Run
 My little Zombies....they played the part well. We love this race because you choose whether you want to be a human or a zombie. The humans get a 2 min head start and then the zombies have to catch up to the humans. Tj and Luke were determined not to let me and Brooke catch up to them. Well....they didn't try hard enough because yes we did catch them and passed them!! Sorry boys!

 The Gang, ready to head to the race!!

 Me and the kids just trying to be scary!!!
 The kids had so much fun running the kids 1 mile race. Ashton didn't stop and this actually was Andies 1st real race, she was fantastic. I think she was a little nervous with some of the costumes and the zombie video they played, but in the end she said she wants to do it next year again. So, in my book that is a success.

I wanted this Halloween Season to be fun so I put together a Halloween Scavenger Hunt for the kids. I did it at night so the kids could use flashlights and make it kind of spooky. The followed the clues around the yard. They had to solve a riddle to find the next clue.

 The scavenger hunt ended with a treat and pumpkins to paint. The kids absolutely loved it and enjoyed running around in the dark.

Halloween Party 2012

This year Tj and I did our annual Halloween Party.The plan was to watch a scary movie outside, but the weather did not want to cooperate with us this year! So we had to carry on the fun into the house. It was such a great turn out and we had a blast playing games and eating food!!
 Jena and Rudy Larsen
 Susan and Mark Higginson
 Ryan and Whitney Johnson
 Me and Tj
 Taleesha and John Baker
 Shana and Justin Runyan
 Haley and Darin Gunnerson
 Harmony and Tj Farrell
 I'm not sure where the picture went of my decoration and the food, but it looked amazing!! This definitely be an every year party!!