Friday, June 21, 2013

Undead 5K Run
 My little Zombies....they played the part well. We love this race because you choose whether you want to be a human or a zombie. The humans get a 2 min head start and then the zombies have to catch up to the humans. Tj and Luke were determined not to let me and Brooke catch up to them. Well....they didn't try hard enough because yes we did catch them and passed them!! Sorry boys!

 The Gang, ready to head to the race!!

 Me and the kids just trying to be scary!!!
 The kids had so much fun running the kids 1 mile race. Ashton didn't stop and this actually was Andies 1st real race, she was fantastic. I think she was a little nervous with some of the costumes and the zombie video they played, but in the end she said she wants to do it next year again. So, in my book that is a success.

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